1. Teens for the Future (TFTF)
  2. Disaster Relief
  3. Peace Soccer

In March of 2007, a pilot group of seven 13-year-olds were given the task of visualizing the world they wished to create. We told them, “As long as your endeavors are centered on respecting self and respecting others, we will support you.” Within 3 years those young teens had served 10,000 orphans in Africa and inspired other groups to initiate and fulfill service projects reaching South America and the Caribbean, too.

The World Foundation for Original Human Development continues to support youth with their innovative ways to improve the world.  Current projects include binging LiTPEACE to the UN Association Youth in Sweden supporting their work with Syrian Refugee children, the African Orphanage project and our Youth Advisory Board.

The Youth Project encompasses supporting our children in bringing about their vision of a culture of peace in the world. For more information read:




or contact us at info@litpeace.org or call 1-866-945-0276.