How do children all around the world learn?

Babies have the same fundamental needs regardless of where they are born, to which culture or religion they belong, or to which time in history they are born. From the minute a tiny human comes into the world they begin to grow into an expressive adult – hopefully a world citizen in a culture of peace.

Thanks to technology, any child in the world can get solid foundational skills early in life through directed play delivered via the Internet. LiTPEACE plans to develop an online learning environment for teacher, parents and children.

Suna Movement Adventure games build physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills in the young child specifically ages 2-8 -to give a child a right start in life.

They are short 3-8 minute activities engaging a child’s imagination to pursue an “adventure” that includes physical activity, problem solving and social interactions. Each movement adventure is carefully designed with physical exercises, language and concepts that fit a toddler’s body, mind and social-emotional development.

The games are a component of peace education that train the children physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to access their inner strength, coping abilities and healthy development – a foundation for lifelong health.

Your support allows us to develop learning videos that can be translated into any language and accessed anywhere in the world!

You can take action as a collaborator in achieving the United Nations Millennial and post 2015 goals of achieving universal education with your donation :)

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