There is a gap that we at LiTPEACE aim to fill. You child’s success begins with the fundamentals absorbed in the earliest years.  Our solution is to give you the tools to help you give your child basic and holistic foundation in very simple ways that both you and you child will enjoy – through games, called Suna Movement Adventures.

Suna Senman has been trained as a clinical social worker, experienced as an educator and has studied child development for over 20 years. Almost 2 decades ago, after working with moderate to severe mental health issues in patients, she realized that she could be most effective in helping people get a right start – beginning in early childhood.

That’s when she decided to create a movement class for preschools and began developing moving adventure games. These are carefully designed exercises to address healthy development physically, mentally emotionally and socially. While most people know what they don’t want for their children,  specific age appropriate qualities and skills for the very young child is not common knowledge and therefore identifying these became her mission.

Suna learned from research, pediatric professionals, Ivy League professors and experience – anywhere she could get greater insight into core learning needs for any child in any culture at any time in history.  Shesought to find the fundamental developmental needs and to subsequently create universal learning tools. Suna figured, since children naturally play, she knew that their optimal learning comes through play and imagination and exploration.  So Suna created games that have a bundle of learning elements packed in, but the child, as well as you as the parent or teacher, can just feel like you’re playing.

The Suna Movement Adventure Program meets children at their level and uses play as the vehicle to learn. While the children think that they are playing, they are learning -  and by acting out the game using their bodies, they are setting  deeper neurological  tracks of  physical, social, mental and emotional health.

As a parent, you can go to the parent tab and simply use these games as a tool to help you give your children a right start in life.

The secret bonus to sharing these games with your children is that you, too, get the benefit.  The movement activity is gentle and effective for bringing balance physiologically and reducing stress. It doesn’t matter what age we are, there’s magic and joy in play!

You can be part of lifting up humanity, one child at a time by bringing Suna Movement Adventures to your child and/or making it possible for others by contributing a tax-deductible donation up in the right hand corner here.

Explore this site and make this a wonderful, joyful day!