Vision and Mission:

Our vision is a peace society with wholesome fulfilled individuals. Our mission is to provide educational materials, workshops, and guidance to parents, teachers, pediatric professionals throughout the world on early childhood development.

Who We Are:

LiTPEACE is a Non-Profit Educational Organization that concentrates on providing the fundamental elements for healthy development for children ages 2 to 8 years old. We create programs, games, and educational materials to give a child the right start.

101 Million children in the world do not get basic primary education. So what that means is that they’re not receiving the fundamentals of life to continue on and become a functional citizen within that society, which often results in deviant behavior and economic disaster as a whole. So our solution to this is to provide those children and families with the tools to get basic education in very simple ways, that they enjoy. And we accomplish this by playing games!

856917_666824070021877_5826694561719493710_oWe have created a series of movement games designed for holistic development in young children. Movement adventure games create healthy habits early in life with physical, intellectual, emotional and social elements to give a child a right start. Additionally, as the child gains a sense of mastery, which is the ability to accomplish tasks, his or her self-esteem goes up and therefore the ability to learn also increases, thus preparing him or her for success in school.

The United Nations and several other organizations are focused on providing primary education universally to each child around the globe, which is a huge task, as millions of children are not getting a basic education. The LiTPEACE program aims to universally give children a proper preparation for fundamental and higher education through maximizing a child’s capacity during the years of greatest brain growth.

Even though most people recognize how crucial development in the preschool years from birth to 8 years old are, there are no non-profits that we know of who are focusing on providing developmental learning tools for those fundamental and formative years universally. LiTPEACE aims to fill that gap by providing parents, teachers and volunteers easy-to-follow learning games.