Did you know that 101 Million children in the world do not get basic primary education? Most likely, those and millions more don’t get crucial preschool learning in early childhood. So what that means is that millions of children are not receiving the fundamentals of life to continue on and become a functional citizen within society.

Often the lack of education results in deviant behavior and economic disaster as a whole, and we have found there is a strong correlation between preschool education, and academic success.

While most people recognize how crucial the preschool educational years are, from birth to 8 years old, there are no non-profits that we know of who address this need in those fundamental and formative years.

LiTPEACE aims to fill that gap by providing parents, teachers, and others with the tools to give children a basic and holistic education in very simple ways that children enjoy. We are currently bringing the program to Syrian refugee children and with your help, to many other deprived populations.

Suna Senman has created the Suna Movement Adventures. With Suna’s training and experience in psychotherapy, education and childhood development, these games meet children at their level and use play as the vehicle to learn. While the children think that they are playing, they are learning – and by acting out the game using their bodies, they are setting deep neurological tracks of physical social, mental and emotional health which strengthens their foundation to learn throughout life. You can be a part of lifting up humanity, one child at a time by bringing the Suna Movement Adventures to your child and/or making it possible for others by contributing your time, effort and/or donations.

Explore this site, get involved and make this a wonderful, joyful day for both you, and for a child.

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